Travel Gift Cards are available upon request and are fully customizable.  These gift cards can be given to anyone for any occasion.  We all  deserve a vacation every now and then right?  So if you are looking for the perfect gift:  A travel gift card is a unique and 100% fail-safe gift idea.

Honeymoon Registry,  on the other hand,  is a checklist of services and items to build the honeymoon for soon-to-wed couples.

Instead of traditional household items as gift options,  the registry  includes items such as- hotel accommodations, activities, tickets, travel insurance, car rentals, meals, on the list.  Guests can either pay for one of these services or experiences, OR give a certain amount to contribute for the cost of the honeymoon.

The honeymoon registry allows friends and family contribute and give the perfect wedding gift-  A MEMORABLE HONEYMOON!!!



  1. Sign up for free and meet with us to discuss honeymoon details
  1. Use our email utility to let friends & family know where you are registered
  2. Use our social media share tools
  1. Guests contact Trip Hub Travel Services to select a gift.  The couples will be updated each time a guest makes a purchase.


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